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Saddle Fitting

Shea is a certified saddle fitter and sales rep for Custom Saddlery brand dressage and jump saddles, and Loxley By Bliss, and Bliss of London jump saddles. Shea also consults western saddle fit, and helps asses and measure for David Genadek About The Horse western saddles.

Shea specially chose these companies for their superb craftsmanship, comfort, and most importantly, their quality in fit for the equine back. After years of rehabilitating horses, Shea found that poor saddle fit has contributed to most back pathologies. Shea researched companies and took notice of saddles that were contributing to back issues. And took notice of saddles that seemed to help horse's performance.

Custom Saddlery offers hand crafted saddles with wool flocked and gusseted panels, wide panels and gullet, and many excellent proprietary tree designs that can be adjusted if your horse changes, or if you get a new horse.

Custom Saddlery boasts a list of World Class riders and trainers, current and former Olympians, World Cup, and Pan Am team members as clients. To name a few: Steffen Peters, Sue Blinks, Kathleen Raine, Christine Traurig, Mette Rosencrantz, David Blake, Hilda Gurney, and Lendon Gray.

Shea will help you with choosing the best fit for you and your horse, and ensure that your saddle has the highest quality of fit possible. She works with many professional trainers and amateurs and puts 100% of her focus on every horse she works on, no matter what level they are being ridden.

The services that Shea offers at this time are:

Cost $125
If you are in the market for a new saddle and would like to try Custom dressage models, Prestige Italia jump, cross country, and dressage, or Loxley By Bliss jump saddles, we can arrange a time and place to meet. As an independent fitter, I am not on a salary. This fee covers my fuel, time, and costs of my demos. I will assess your horse and listen to your needs and pick out a few models that I believe will work best for you and your horse. If you work with a trainer, it is best to have him or her involved. When I arrive, be prepared to ride. You will need your pad, stirrups, and girth. Usually these appointments will take 2 hours. If you find a model in my inventory that you wish to keep for a 10-day trial, I will custom fit the saddle to your horse. Additional fees may apply, and this will take an additional hour.

On-Site Flocking: 
Cost: $150 - $200
This fee applies for adding or removing flocking, depending on time and amount of flocking needed in the panels.

Strip Flock:
Cost $375 Custom Saddlery saddles
Cost $450 Any brand english saddle
not completed onsite, shipping charges may apply

Cair, Flair, or Foam to Wool Conversion
Cost: $475

Custom Saddlery Tree Adjustment:  
Cost: $200- Tree only
Cost: $300- Tree plus flocking

Billet Replacement:
Cost: $45 per billet
- Additional $75 will be charged to drop panels

Relocation of Billet or V-Billet Conversion:
Cost: $350

Dropping front or rear panels for tree inspection and sizing Cost: $75

Travel Fee

Cost: $25 per client within DFW.
Cost: $.57c per mile round trip, plus hotel split between clients out of town.
Travel fee will be confirmed with appointment

Evaluation of Saddle Fit:
Cost: $75 per hour 

If you have saddles, whether english or western, new or old, and just want a professional evaluation. I will look at what you have and provide recommendations. Shims for western saddles are available for purchase. I will also provide you with a set of back tracings if needed.

~ Long distance fittings are also offered.
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