CranioSacral Clients
Example of where the tongue SHOULD NOT be. Typical sign of TMJ issues

Before CS, severe facial nerve damage

Immediate relief after CS

WB gelding before CS with posture imbalance

WB gelding after his 3rd treatment, total balance and reorganization

OTTB eventer before CS

OTTB eventer after 3rd treatment!

Friesian with severe locking stifles before CS

Friesian after his 3rd treatment, balance restored and stifles no longer locking

Sphenoid Mandible hold

Severe dent from old head trauma causing posture imbalance

Asymmetry in temporal bones from TMJ dysfunction

Biting tongue indicates TMJ dysfunction

Headshaker with old fracture

Extreme headshy Walker before CS

Extreme head shy TW after 1st treatment

Freisian receiving masseter unwinding

Asymmetrical temporal bones on a head shaker

Rocky falling asleep

Scout enjoying relief from head trauma

Pet deer gets some craniosacral

Flat and tight temporalis muscles from TMJ dysfunction

Ricky suffered a tumble down a hill

Pull back trauma causing asymmetry in face, and pelvis imbalances

Mini Donkeys from Folsom Zoo

Zebu enjoying a sacrum/low back hold

Tonka unwinding

Example of where the tongue SHOULD rest

Off-set mandible causes TMJ and posture imbalance