Equine Craniosacral

Holistic Equine Services

Working as a craniosacral practitioner since 2007, and receiving it on myself since 1989, I have a profound respect for the healing powers of our internal rhythms.


Craniosacral address the living dynamics of the body's innate healing power. This gentle yet profound form of body work can release compressions and old traumas to help your horse's body, mind, and spirit come back to their original state of well-being.

Please visit my blog page for more information about how craniosacral can help your horse. Appointments take approximately 45 minutes to an hour, and a 24 hour break from riding is recommended.



I have developed a unique equine craniosacral class consisting of three levels that is modeled after over 14 years of clinical practice, and a mixture of various educational influences and life experiences. Having studied up to advanced biodynamic human classes, and classes in biomechanic craniosacral, various gross anatomy labs, and years of training horses and teaching relational horsemanship clinics, I have put together a quality course for students who wish to add this beautiful work to their understanding of horses, and life.



Iridology is a centuries old scientific analysis of patterns and structures in the iris. An evaluation can offer insight on digestion, organ health, body inflammation, genetic or inherited tendencies, and even old injuries. Addressing these issues with nutrition, or veterinarian advice.

A report is included with a craniosacral session, but I also offer individual iridology reports.

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