Growing up with horses, having a mother who grocery shopped at the health food store and read every single ingredient, and a father who loved our animals just as much as his kids…if not more, pretty much shaped who I am today.

After loosing my mother to a tragic accident when I was 11, I learned how precious life is and how easily it can be taken away. I never took this for granted. Which meant I learned to live life to it's fullest, to not live in fear of following my heart, and that listening to my intuition will bring me the most connected life possible. I chose to not be a victim of my circumstances but instead to take this gift of understanding our mortality and explore what this life is all about.

My life was a blend of farm life and animals, and traveling around the world living in big cities (NY, Paris, San Francisco). As much as I thrived connecting with nature, I also wanted to see the world. So I got a job with the airlines and took advantage of everything that went with that.

Fast forward to 1998 I had just moved to the Santa Cruz Mountains in CA. I immediately started riding at a horse facility not far from my house. One day I said out loud that I would love to do this for a living. Next thing I knew I was in contract to buy this facility and in the process of moving in, took an early retirement from the airlines, and started a new chapter. Just like that! My goal was to teach people how to develop a deeper connection with their horse. To do a deep dive into how to work with horses in a unique way of connecting with the horse's mind, thoughts, and soul.


Back in those days, not many people were doing this type of training and riding. So I ended up doing a lot of rehab type training for other professional trainers. Horses that were very dangerous would come to me to be "fixed". I could easily work with them as I had zero agenda other than establishing a connection and honoring their spirit of who they were. So that is when I learned that I had to train the people. Which sometimes meant simple things like teaching people how to be present and breathe correctly. Teaching them how to listen to their horse and take pause when the horse was trying to express a moment of confusion. We humans tend to get caught up in the daily stresses in life and forget there is a bigger picture. We as a society have forgotten how to be present and connect with nature. Sometimes that is all it took to help their horse relax and soften. So many horses get lost around people, and get lost in the agenda of a discipline.


My training might have seen a little backwards to people as I was the one who went to get the horse, lead them, groomed them, tacked them up, then I would hand them off to my helper to go ride. As by that time they didn't really need training under saddle because every step before that point, the horse and I worked on being together. I would spend time asking for them to be present and soft with me. So much of what a horse needs is to be heard, to have opinions and choices, to feel like the person with the lead rope is just as present as they are.

Whenever I wanted to learn something, I hosted a clinic. I was so hungry to learn so I ended up hosting clinicians like Harry Whitney, Peggy Cummings, Ross Jacobson, I learned barefoot trimming, took nutrition courses, hosted workshops for Ttouch, acupressure, craniosacral, I studied functional anatomy and biomechanics, and did quite a few dissection clinics. I started to get some attention and was asked to teach horsemanship clinics around CA. I also got heavily into craniosacral and found myself traveling around the state working on horses in-between clinics.


Around the financial crisis of 2008, I started looking at my future more and thinking about what I wanted that to look like. I felt a calling to come back to TX, where I now reside.

When I moved to Texas, I did not know anyone in the horse world. But I had faith and a strong desire to begin a new business model. I immediately started picking up work doing craniosacral, and also started taking advanced classes in biodynamic craniosacral. I decided to become a saddle rep for Custom Saddlery, which was something quite different from the work I did in CA, but it blended well since I understood horses on a deep level.

Around the end of 2020, I came across a class on equine iridology. I was so fascinated after having done iridology readings on myself about 10 years prior. I have decided to incorporate this into my practice as it can really give us insight and get on top of an issue before it gets bad.

I now spend most of my time at barns throughout the DFW metroplex working on horses with my craniosacral practice, incorporating iridology and also helping people with saddle fit or their new saddle purchase. I have also put together a craniosacral course based on years of clinical practice, anatomy and nutrition, life experiences, and my own studies of the subject. I no longer train for a living, nor do I teach lessons. But I still incorporate that connection in everything I do. I talk to horses all day long, just in other ways than a training session.

Thank you for reading my story. I look forward in being a part of your horse journey.

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