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Equine CranioSacral

CranioSacral is an advanced form of bodywork that works deeply in the body with minimal pressure. The practitioner uses gentle sustained contact applied in a precise manner to resolve imbalances in the physical structure and the function of the nervous system. Cranial work is one of the most highly refined approaches that may be effective in not only severe situations such as Head Shaking Syndrome, but is also beneficial as an overall wellness program due to the cranium and spine pressures that most horses endure. Shea is one of the few practitioners in the U.S. who has years of clinical practice applying advanced craniosacral studies and biodynamic work offering consultations and ECS classes. more
Thank you for YOU!!     I am so blown away - - - I am basically "stunned" - -   in my 50 + years dealing with horses, I have NEVER, EVER, seen anything work so well and make changes so fast.   I just kept staring at Kenny's face - I could not believe what I was witnessing.    He was so calm on Sunday (like he was Saturday), no twitching, no hypersensitivity, no head bobbing.    He even let me clip his bridle path with his head still - - -that has never happened.    
This is the first time he has been physically relieved since he developed Trigeminal Neuralgia, after his sinus surgery over one year ago!." more
Independent Saddle Fitting and Sales, Carrying Custom Saddlery, Prestige Italia, and Bliss of London * Loxley by Bliss
Shea Stewart is a certified saddle fitter the first authorized dealer in Texas for Custom Saddlery, the official saddle for the U.S. Olympic team for dressage. And Bliss of London jump and dressage saddles, serving the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, the greater Houston area, and some Oklahoma areas. And is authorized for About The Horse Western saddle consultations. Shea is also one of the first saddle fitters certified to sell Prestige Italia jump, cross country, and dressage saddles. Shea is available for appointments at your barn to evaluate your saddle, how it fits you and your horse, making needed adjustments, or advising and assisting in your new saddle purchase. Shea prioritizes balance and symmetry in fitting a saddle, giving the horse a balanced feel to come in to. She is very thoughtful and thorough within each fitting, taking the time needed for each horse no matter if they are a grand prix international show horse, or an amateur trail pony. Shea has an in-depth understanding of functional anatomy and spinal relationship to the nervous system and implements this knowledge in every fit to allow for total freedom. Shea has taken numerous dissection courses studying gross and functional anatomy with Dr. Deb Bennet. And participated in numerous head and neck dissections courses, and has studied alongside master saddle makers, Society of Master Saddlers, and certified master saddlers association saddle fitters.

On-Site Flocking:  $150 - $200

Complete Re-Flock: $375-$450 + shipping (not completed onsite)
Tree Adjustment:  $200
Tree adjustment and flocking adjustment at the same time:  $300
Billet Replacement: $45 per billet
Dropping front panels for tree inspection, billet replacement, or sizing $75
Re-lacing front or rear panels $75 per panel
Travel fees will be added to each appointment and quoted at confirmation.

Disclaimer! No information in this website is meant to treat, diagnose, or cure. Veterinarian advice is highly recommended.