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Equine CranioSacral

Craniosacral is a form of bodywork that restores balance in the nervous system by addressing tensions and disorders of the musculoskeletal system and soft tissues. Rooted in osteopathy, Craniosacral is a holistic approach to healing that focuses on the craniosacral system — the bones of the cranium, spine, and pelvis, and the soft tissues and fluid movement that connects the cranium (head) to the sacrum (pelvis) — that is at the center of the nervous system. The craniosacral system not only affects posture, behavior, general health and well being, but also sensory perceptions such as vision, sound, focus and proprioception. This is the system that governs muscle memory and straining patterns that lead to postural and nervous system imbalances. By addressing the root of these problems, not just the result, craniosacral work builds on itself, peeling back, layer by layer, patterns of compensation within soft tissue and bone, over time, to reset the nervous system to improve body function and postural balance. 
Shea is one of the few practitioners in the U.S. who has years of clinical practice applying advanced craniosacral studies and biodynamic work offering consultations and ECS classes. more
Thank you for YOU!!     I am so blown away - - - I am basically "stunned" - -   in my 50 + years dealing with horses, I have NEVER, EVER, seen anything work so well and make changes so fast.   I just kept staring at Kenny's face - I could not believe what I was witnessing.    He was so calm on Sunday (like he was Saturday), no twitching, no hypersensitivity, no head bobbing.    He even let me clip his bridle path with his head still - - -that has never happened.    
This is the first time he has been physically relieved since he developed Trigeminal Neuralgia, after his sinus surgery over one year ago!." more
Certified Saddle Fitter for Custom Saddlery and Bliss of London * Loxley by Bliss
Shea Stewart is an authorized saddle fitter and dealer for Custom Saddlery, the official saddle for the U.S. Olympic team for dressage! And Bliss of London jump saddles, serving the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. Shea is available for appointments at your barn to evaluate your saddle, how it fits you and your horse, making needed adjustments, or advising and assisting in your new saddle purchase with your saddle from Bliss of London or Custom Saddlery.

On-Site Flocking:  $125 - $200

Complete Re-Flock: $300 + shipping (not completed onsite)
Tree Adjustment:  $200
Tree adjustment and flocking adjustment at the same time:  $250
Billet Replacement: $40 per billet
Dropping front panels for tree inspection and sizing $75
Knee Roll restitch $40
Horsemanship Instruction and Assessment

Shea Stewart specializes in equine behavior, and has been rehabilitating, training, and teaching clinics for over 15 years. Shea focuses on empowering horse owners with her wealth of knowledge from her own in-depth studies of behavior, hoof trimming, nutrition, saddle fit, and bio mechanics. Shea offers equine assessments and horsemanship instruction to professionals and horse owners alike, focusing on working with the horse in a way that benefits both horse and rider. Shea has been recognized for her efforts in local news stations, National Magazines, and International on-line magazines. She splits her time traveling throughout CA and TX for horsemanship instruction, bio mechanical assessments, and craniosacral consultations.

Disclaimer! No information in this website is meant to treat, diagnose, or cure. Veterinarian advice is highly recommended.