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Devoted to the well-being of horses since 1998

I began a long journey of becoming a better horse person in the late 90's at my training facility in Northern CA. Developing a firm grasp of anatomy, behavior, biomechanics, and biology to better understand horses and more adequately provide for their well-being and happiness.

Focusing on relationship training, holistic health and bodywork, I gained intimate knowledge of how the horse's body and mind function together in a normal connected state. Years of attending formal courses pertaining to functional anatomy, whole body dissections, nutrition, and specific techniques in bodywork, combined with exploring and observing behavior, has lead me to this current path. My knowledge continues to grow through self-study, through honoring the spirit of the horse, and through listening to the many horse owners that I have the privilege to work with.

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Equine Craniosacral Classes coming soon!

Saddle fitting consultations, fittings, and fine saddle sales.

Equine craniosacral sessions with your horse.

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“I have known Shea for over a decade and have had the good fortune to both train with her and watch her teach horsemanship. The first thing that is obvious when you watch Shea working is her keen eye and awareness of everything a horse is experiencing and can put into perspective in regard to the whole horse. Read more…

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Thank you for YOU!!     I am so blown away - - - I am basically "stunned" - -   in my 50 + years dealing with horses, I have NEVER, EVER, seen anything work so well and make changes so fast.   I just kept staring at Kenny's face - I could not believe what I was witnessing.    He was so calm on Sunday (like he was Saturday), no twitching, no hypersensitivity, no head bobbing.    He even let me clip his bridle path with his head still - - -that has never happened.    
This is the first time he has been physically relieved since he developed Trigeminal Neuralgia, after his sinus surgery over one year ago!
…..Read More

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